VIDEO: More Than 20 Have Now Picked Up Candidate Packets For the 2014 Election


Guam – More than 20 individuals have picked up candidacy packets from the Guam Election Commission for the upcoming Primary and General Elections since the packets became available on in January. 

“It means they have the intention to run and they have all the tools they need in terms of the forms, the petitions are in there, their affidavit,” GEC Executive Director Maria Pangelinan explained.

In the senatorial race,18 people have picked up packets or had someone pick them up on their behalf. Eight of them identified themselves as Democrats, eight as Republicans, and two didn’t specify. Two people have picked up packets with an interest in running for Governor but no potential candidates have picked up packets with an interest in running for Lt. Governor.

Names below are listed in the order packets were checked out:


Mary Camacho Torres (GOP)
Wil Castro (GOP)
Adolpho Palacios (DEM)
Adonis Mendiola (GOP)
Frank Taitano Ungancta Jr
Michael FQ San Nicolas (DEM)
Derick Baza Hills (DEM)
Judith Guthertz (GOP)
Felix C Benavente
Aline Yamashita (GOP)
Harry Cipriano (DEM)
Tina Rose Muna Barnes (DEM)
Glenn Leon Guerrero (GOP)
Joaquin Perez (DEM)
Frank Blaz Aguon Jr (DEM)
Tom Ada (DEM)
Barry L Mead (GOP)
Michelle Hope Taitano (GOP)


Jonathon Frank Blaz Jr (GOP)
Barry L Mead (GOP)

Attorney General

Leonard M Rapadas

Guam Education Board

Sheila K Salas
Ronald Ayuyu
Barry L Mead

Other races for the general election include Guam’s Delegate to Congress, three seats on the Consolidated Commission on Utilities and judicial retention questions according to Pangelinan.