VIDEO: Nearly 7,000 Tax Refund Checks Now In the Mail


Guam- Island residents who filed their taxes through February 22 should be receiving their refunds in the mail in the next few days.

“Ever since we started working, all we do is answer phones,” said Treasurer of Guam Rose Fejeran. “People wanted to know whether their names are on the list, where can they have their checks…all that stuff. You know, how they’re excited to get their checks.”

Fejeran says the checks are in the mail. Yesterday [Tuesday], the hard working staff at the Department of Adminstration (DOA) pulled together and spent the last two days stuffing income tax refund checks for tax year 2012 into envelopes. They say this is the time they are suddenly popular again.

“We kind of have the cashiers in between work too in trying to stuff checks,” said Fejeran. “I like as much as we can to help get these checks out.”

Governor Eddie Calvo on Monday had ordered the release of another $20 million in refunds. Fejeran mentions nearly 7,000 checks have been printed and mailed, which covers all Status-A refunds filed between February 13-22. She says they mailed the first batch of about 2,500 checks yesterday and they rest were mailed this morning.

“Hopefully they’ll get them in 2 to 3 days,” said Fejeran. “It all depends, actually, on the Post Office. Once we drop them off, it’s out of our hands and we’re hoping they get them before the weekend.”

This will bring the total of refunds paid to $70.5 million since Fiscal Year 2013 began.

Meanwhile, unclaimed checks dating all the way back to 2009 can picked at the DOA building. The Division of Accounts is handling check distribution and processing dates for the first list of last names beginning with A through F. This will happen until the end of the week before the next list of unclaimed checks will be released. More than 6,000 refund checks that total $19 million dollars remain unclaimed.