VIDEO: Nearly 80 People Complete Emergency Response Training for Handling Hazardous Materials


Guam- Nearly 80 people attended technical training for hazardous materials and waste incidents through the Guam Environmental Protection Agency.


According to Guam EPA Spokesperson Tammy Jo Anderson Taft, the training was made possible through a $24,000 grant from the Department of Transportation. First responders and officials from the Guam Police Department, Guam Fire Department, Guam Homeland Security, Port Authority of Guam and Department of Revenue and Taxation attended the training.

Taft says it’s important for public sector employees to have knowledge to respond to these situations effectively and safely. She mentions a perfect example is when GFD sent its HAZMAT team to respond to the port for a CO2 leaking container.

“The reason why we wanted to provide that training was because a lot of times if you have a situation that could potentially involve a chemical or hazardous waste, it’s really how you respond and how you can handle the situation and react that determines the impact to the environment, the impact to human health,” said Taft. “And if we have people that know what they’re doing, it can really be beneficial.”

Taft adds this type of emergency response training should be expected to happen regularly. The grant funding was managed through Guam EPA’s Green Parcel Program.