VIDEO: No Decision on Revised Hay Bill Yet; Governor Said to Be Concerned About Elimination of Raises for Cabinet Members


Guam – Governor Eddie Calvo is still reviewing Bill 278 which rolls back raises for appointed officials, the Governor, Lt. Governor and Senators.

Governor’s Spokesman Phil Leon Guerrero says that the Governor is a bit concerned with how the bill may affect his agency heads and directors. 

Lawmakers passed the legislation last week Thursday with a vote of 11-4 which included votes from two Republicans namely Senators Mike Limtiaco and Chris Duenas. 

The bill included in it Senator Limtiaco’s bill which de-links Senators salaries from judges and sets their salaries at a little over $60 thousand dollars a year. Leon Guerrero says the Governor’s not concerned with how the bill rolls back his salary the Lt. Governor’s salary or the senators salaries. 


“Really what’s causing him to look at this bill very carefully is it’s implications on the cabinet and you know we mentioned a little bit about why the Governor feels his cabinet deserves to rectify the inequities in their pay. For instance, the Fire Chief, it’s a little concerning that the Fire Chief is making less than his fire captains you know the Director of Administration deals with the entire finances of all the executive line agencies and the human resource aspect and the procurement and she’s getting paid less than the legislative majority legal counsel. So there’s certain inequities in pay that the Governor hoped would be addressed in the Hay plan particularly for the rank and file but also for his cabinet,” said Leon Guerrero.

However it’s not clear yet how much of a raise his cabinet members are receiving under the Hay plan that went into effect on February 14th. PNC has asked the administration daily for a list of the salaries of cabinet members under the Hay plan since Monday of last week but we have yet to receive the information. Leon Guerrero says they are working on getting us that information.