VIDEO: Ground Breaks On Hagatna Bridge Replacement Project, But No Lane Closures, Yet


Guam- Ground finally broke on the project that will replace 2 Hagatna bridges. While traffic concerns have already been aired about the $16.4 million dollar federally funded project, the actual lane closures won’t begin until preliminary work is done first.


Governor Eddie Calvo, DPW Director Joanne Brown, Hagatna Mayor John Cruz and other Senators, Mayors and elected officials were present for the event.

Construction has not yet begun and no lanes have been closed yet.

In the meantime, DPW assures the public that access to businesses in the construction zone has already been factored in and regular updates on the different phases will be announced. Construction of the main Hagatna bridge will also be completed first before Core Tech works on the Chalan Santo Papa Dos bridge near the Bank of Guam building.

The project is expected to be completed in March 2014 and is 100% funded by the Federal Highway Administration and the Department of Defense.


What is the scope of the project?
This project provides for improvements to the Route 1 and Route 8 intersection, and replacement of the Route 1 and Chalan Santo Papa bridges over the Agana River. The project includes pavement widening and strengthening, new curbs and gutters, improved drainage, driveways, signage, pavement markings, intersection lighting and utility relocations, as well as traffic signal system improvements.

Traffic Impacts?
During construction of the bridge on Route 1, the contractor will be closing one lane in each direction during daytime hours, leaving two lanes in each direction open to traffic.

During night hours, the contractor may restrict the open lanes to one lane in each direction and all lanes may be closed and traffic detoured up to 15 nights during the 24 month project if required. During construction of the bridge on Chalan Santo Papa Juan Pablo Dos, the street will be closed to thru traffic; however this will not occur until after the completion of the work on the intersections at Route 1 and Route 8 and substantial completion and opening of three lanes in each direction across the new Route 1 Bridge.

The contract requires that access to businesses must be kept open during construction; however some disruption to business as usual should be anticipated during the course of the project.

Where is the project located?
The project begins at the intersection of Routes 1and 8 through to Route 4. It also includes Chalan Santo Papa Juan Pablo Dos road in the village of Hagåtña.

How much is this project going to cost?
This project is approximately $16.4 million funded by the Federal Highway Administration and the Department of Defense.

Who is the contractor?

Core Tech International

Construction Start: April 2012

Anticipated Completion: March 2014

Why are we doing this project?

* Safety Improvements
To replace the structurally and hydraulically deficient bridges on Route 1 and Chalan Santo Papa
To provide wider sidewalks for pedestrians around the bridges
To upgrade pavement at the intersection of Route 1 and Route 8 and on Route 1 between Route 8 and Route 4

* Capacity Improvements
To provide an additional dedicated right-turn lane from Route 1 to Route 8
To provide two left-turn lanes from Route 8 onto Route 1