VIDEO: Not Enough Bed Space in Guam’s Prisons for Federal Detainees From CNMI


Guam – The United States is planning on placing federal detainees from the CNMI in Guam and Hawaii because the medical care at Saipan’s prison system is not up to federal standards.

The Guam Department of Corrections tells PNC they have not received any official word about these plans.

DOC Lt. Antone Aguon says that if they receive official word this is something that would have to be seriously discussed because as of right now Guam’s prison system doesn’t have the bed space to accommodate additional federal detainees.

Guam’s prison system is seriously overcrowded with the federal population making up about 9 percent of the island’s prison system.

“Of course you know we’d love to help our neighboring islands with their issues but again we have to look out for what’s happening here on Guam,” said Lt. Antone Aguon adding, “Even though we would bill them for the services and receive money in return its not a matter of that anymore its just having the bed space available to handle that plus manage our own population at the same time.”

Lt. Agoun says Guam’s federal detention facility which is in Hagatna is already crowded. They normally house about 110 federal detainees but as of today they have a total of 148 detainees.