VIDEO: Assistance Program in Place as GovGuam Employees Brace for Layoffs


Guam – Governor Eddie Calvo has issued Reorganization Advisory No. 1. His Chief of Staff,  Frank Arriola explains that the Advisory details the steps being taken to provide assistance and guidance to GovGuam workers who will be laid off.

The Reorganization Advisory also sites a specific provision within the Organic Act which gives Governor Calvo the authority to re-organize Gov Guam. That section says in part “The governor shall from time to time examine the organization of the executive branch of the government of Guam.”

This means that the governor only has the authority to conduct layoffs within the agencies that fall under the executive branch.

READ the Reorganization Advisory No. 1 which details the Special Displacement Program

So what agencies are exempt?

“The judiciary and the legislature those are separate branches of the government, the university of Guam, GCC, the Guam Power Authority and the Guam Waterworks Authority I may have missed one or two but those are the majors at this point,” said Governor Calvo’s Chief of Staff Frank Arriola.

Yesterday the governor also told the Department of Education administrators that they will be exempt from these job cuts but they must also look at areas where they can streamline operations and reduce costs. The agencies that fall under the executive branch must turn in reports on their recommendations for job cuts to the governor by the end of the day today.

“Tomorrow we will be hosting a seminar with our directors and go over the human resources process as far as the general notice for layoffs is concerned,” said Arriola. At this seminar they will receive training for how to proceed with the layoff notices but as far as who exactly is on the chopping block that has yet to be determined. It will be based upon the agency reports that are due today and the Department of Administration’s human resources retention register. “There’s a retention document called a retention register and that’s with the DOA human resources department that’s where they take all those positions that have been identified as not being necessary and they measure what the order of the layoff order is based on years in service and performance evaluations,” explained Arriola.

The Governor’s Chief of Staff says that they are still working with their fiscal team to determine exactly how much spending needs to be cut from the government which will help determine exactly how many employees will need to be cut.

“It’s something we take very very seriously it’s not easy it just isn’t I don’t care what anybody says it’s not easy doing what we’re gonna be doing but we think after decades of not paying attention to the real problems it’s come to this unfortunately,” said Arriola.

The Chief of Staff says they should have a better idea of the scope of the layoff by the end of this week. In the meantime they are working with the Department of Labor and AHRD to be prepared to help laid off or displaced Gov Guam employees find jobs, start up small businesses or go back to school.