VIDEO: Open Mic Sheds Light on Guam’s Undiscovered


Guam – There’s a new wave of talented singers and songwriters sweeping across the island, but you won’t find them performing at your favorite lounge or bar. They’re discreetly performing at Open Mics at your local coffee shops. And coordinator Joey Charles will tell you just how talented these budding artists are.

Joey Charles, who goes by Le Professeur, is a musician when he’s not teaching at Pacific Islands University. He began looking for an outlet for his talent about a year ago at open mics but found that not many were too interested. It wasn’t until he partnered up with Java Hut Coffee Shop’s owner, Rubyjane Redila and the word began spreading about the undiscovered talent on Guam.

“People are starting to catch on, we’ve got new people coming in every week. It’s such an exciting atmosphere to be at, it’s very supportive. We’ve got people coming who have never performed in their life and just blowing us away with their talent,” Charles boasts.

And it’s not just singers coming through every week. There are also got poets, comics and rappers.

Open Mics are held every Friday from 5-8 pm at Java Hut Coffee Shop behind Oka Payless in Tamuning and every Thursday at Java Junction.