VIDEO: Over 50 Vendors Now Registered With Guam Product Seal


Guam – More than 50 vendors have registered for the Guam Product Seal with the Guam Economic Development Authority since GEDA began an awareness campaign on the program last April.

GEDA Business Development Manager Christina Garcia provided an update on the program at today’s rotary club of northern Guam meeting.

The Guam Product Seal is a logo that products made on Guam can use on their packaging to identify their authenticity. The program was launched under a law passed during the 31st Guam legislature.  The law also requires all products that have the words Guam or Chamorro on them to clearly state where the product was made.

“The Guam Product Seal Program is important for our people and for the marketing of Guam,” Garcia explained. “It brings pride and economic activity to those vendors that produce on Guam and two the seal brings recognition worldwide of actual products made and manufactured on Guam. So want them to recognize it help support it and be a part of the Guam Product Seal Program.”

GEDA is also working with the Guam Visitors Bureau to help tourists recognize the Guam Product Seal when they purchase souvenirs.