VIDEO: Over Ride Debate – San Nicolas Accuses Administration of Obscuring Hay Funding Facts


Guam – An attempted over ride of the Governor’s veto of the Legislature’s Hay pay raise measure failed Friday evening in a party line vote of 7 to 5.

10 votes are needed for an over ride. All 5 GOP Senators present voted against the measure.

During the debate, the bill’s author, Senator Mike San Nicolas,  accused the Administration of being disingenuous by obscuring the source of funding for the Governor’s Hay pay plan, failing to answer legitimate questions from the Legislature and dumping 30-thousand pages of documents on lawmakers that they didn’t ask for.

Vice Speaker B.J. Cruz also spoke in favor of an over ride saying the Governor acted contrary to law by imposing his own Hay plan after the Legislature had already acted to modify it.

But GOP Senator Chris Duenas countered that it was an without an appropriation. And if the Vice Speaker believes the Governor broke the law, he should take the issue to court.

Vice Speaker Cruz told PNC News Friday that democrats expected to lose the over ride attempt,  but he said it was necessary to make the effort.

This morning on the K-57 Breakfast Show he said that taking the issue to court remains an option, but he acknowledged that he doesn’t have the 8 votes necessary in his own caucus. So he is looking for private counsel to take on the challenge.