VIDEO: Card Players Reach Compromise With Calvo Over Pavilion Permit


Guam – A  group of  manamko has reached a compromise with the Department of Parks and Recreation to continue using a park pavilion at the Paseo for their daily gathering to play cards and barbeque.


Department of  Parks and Rec Director Pete Calvo met with the group Friday to thank them for being good patrons to the park and to ask them to please sign a permit to use the park’s facilities.

The meeting followed an incident on Monday where a Park Ranger asked the group to leave, upsetting the group and members of the community.

Permits are typically needed for planned use of the parks and Calvo says the Department is cracking down on un-permitted use in an effort to cut down on litter. Since this particular group has been good at carrying out their trash Calvo was willing to waive the permit fee.

Members of the group told Calvo that they are willing to move to another location on days other park users have a permit for the pavilion that they frequent.