VIDEO: Pay-Less Supermarkets Launches Its 5th Annual “Small Change, Big Difference” Charity Campaign


Guam – Pay-Less Supermarkets launched its 5th Annual  “Small Change, Big Difference” Charity Campaign this morning [Tuesday] at its Micronesia Mall location.

The campaign started five years ago to fight hunger on island and raise awareness of this problem in the local community. 

“Small Change, Big Difference” gives customers the opportunity to donate $1, $5 or $10 with proceeds distributed between Catholic Social Services, Kamalen Karidat and the Salvation Army. 

This year, in addition to “Small Change, Big Difference”, Dickerson & Quinn partnered up with Pay-less Supermarkets a created a “HUNGER” display made out of Spam cans. Customers can purchase a Spam on display and with every purchase, $1 will be donated to the fund. The purpose of the display is so that customers can see their efforts as well as others efforts in ending “HUNGER”. 

The charity campaign will be going on until the end of the year. Last year, with just the “Small Change, Big Difference” campaign, about $5,000 were collected and donated. Chairwoman and Executive Vice President Kathy Sgro is excited for this year’s campaign and hopes to raise even more for the organizations. 

“This is an opportunity for our community to make a big difference by donating small change, by taking one step in helping out the less fortunate through the assistance of these organizations” said Sgro.