VIDEO: Philippines’ Medical City Clears Up Confusion Over Local Insurance Coverage


Guam – The Medical City gave a presentation today at the Guam Legislature to clear up any confusion over insurance coverage for patients seeking treatment off-island.

Business Development Manager Maria Isabel Perez talked about the services offered at the Medical City in Manila. Perez says The Medical City has a comprehensive specialty and sub-specialty of doctors for all types of healthcare needs.

She also says that they are seeking to expand globally and Guam has the honor of being the first international expansion with the Guam Regional Medical City set to open in Dededo this fall. In the meantime, she says, The Medical City in the Philippines is covered by local insurance agencies.

“We’d like to correct the impression that some insurance companies only cover one hospital. We are covered in all insurances, Take Care, Calvo’s SelectCare, NetCare, Staywell. We have arrangmenets with them and we’re affiliated, you just have to tell them that you’d like to try Medical City. We’re also strongly affiliated with Public Health for medically indigent program as well as the Medicaid program and also the workman’s compensation with the GIA,” says Perez.

For more information about TMC’s medical referral program, you can contact their referral office at 649-4764 or email them at