VIDEO: Phillies Hold Off Nats For 2nd Win


Hagatna, Guam- 10-8 Final, Phillies win, Phillies now (2-1) Jr Nationals now (1-3).

WP Freddy Cepeda. Brandon Fernandez 3ks (SAVE). LP Davin Chiguina 1k.

For the Phillies Shon Muna Jr 1-6 2r, Miller Santos 2-5 1r 3rbis, Alejandro Diaz 1-5 2r, Brandon Fernandez 2-3 2r 1rbi, Chad Fernandez 3-3 with a double 2rbis and SP Joe Duenas 3ks.

For the Jr Nationals Polly Card Luther 1-5 2r, Johnny Aguon 2-4 1r 1rbi, Kel Francisco 1-3 with a double 4rbis, RP Lorenzo Flores 8ks.