VIDEO: Police Investigating 2 Armed Robberies at Mom & Pops Stores


Guam – Two local stores were robbed last Friday that has the community alarmed despite efforts to deter these types of crimes. The first at John B’s Mart in Dededo where a customer was held at knife point as she walked into her car, the other at the Route 8 Mini Mart in Barrigada where a masked gunman fired a round nearly shooting the store’s cashier.

Guam Police are investigating yet again more robberies that happened last Friday, in the wake of a recent spate of armed and sometimes violent robberies over the last few weeks on Guam. The first robbery occurred at the parking lot of John B’s Mart in NCS Dededo. It was around two in the afternoon when Jennett Valencia was walking into her car.

“I was going to my car and then I opened the door. I saw the guy pass by and then he turned around and asked me for a cigarrete. I told him I don’t smoke and then he took out the knife on me,” Valencia explains. “He goes, ‘Give me your wallet.’ He just grabbed my wallet and then he left.”  

Valencia says she immediately walked back into the store to ask for help. John B’s Mart employee Erik DeRoxas says he was the one who called 911. He recalls seeing the suspect before the robbery happened.

“I go in and out of the store and I noticed he was sitting outside,” notes DeRoxas, adding that he’s never seen the suspect before. “That’s why I noticed. I’ve never seen this guy before and that already made it suspicious a little because he was just sitting.”

At the time the woman was robbed, DeRoxas says the parking lot was empty. There are cameras at John B’s Mart, however, it was not able to pick up the burglary.

“I noticed the parking lot was empty when it happened. I guess he was waiting for the right time,” adds DeRoxas.

DeRoxas says the man appeared to be Micronesian, wearing all black and had a yellow bandana around his neck.

Meanwhile, Valencia says she’ll have to try to get by the rest of the month without money. She lives with a disability and is on dialysis. She adds that the money she had in her wallet, $200, was her social security benefits. It’s the only income she receives to help pay for her treatment and living expenses.

Also last Friday, another robbery took place, this time at the Route 8 Mini Mart in Barrigada.

It was 7:30 in the evening when a man wearing all black and a mask around his head walked in wielding a gun. He marched straight to the cash register and demanded cash. The man was seen on surveillance video pointing his gun at the cashier then shooting into the counter, barely missing the cashier.

Store owner Eden Antolin declined to go on camera but tells us that fortunately for them, the thief only got away with $40. That’s the only money in the cash register at the time, Antolin tells us, as the cash is put away throughout the day. After the suspect took the cash, Antolin says he fled on foot.

The store owner also tells us that this is the first time her store was robbed at gun point in the 28 years they’ve been in business.

Guam Police are asking for the community’s help in identifying the suspects. If you have any information about the robberies, you’re asked to call Guam Police or Crime Stoppers at 477-HELP. 

The store was equipped with video surveillance camera which captured the robbery on tape, but the owners told PNC news that they had to turn the video tape over to police.
Police declined to release the video or any images from it.
The photo below is from a wanted poster created by the Route 8 Mini Mart owners and posted on their front door.