VIDEO: MARAD Tells Port to Go Ahead With Loan to Repair Wharf


Guam – The General Manager of the Port of Guam, Mary Torres, said that MARAD has left it up to the “prerogative” of the Port to take out a loan to repair the damaged wharf.



Last year, the DoD Inspector General concluded that the Port’s wharf is in danger of collapse. MARAD has said they want to use up to $100-million in the Port’s federal funds to replace the wharf. But the Port planned to use those funds for its modernization plan and asked MARAD to consider repairs to the wharf rather than replacing it.

Repairing the wharf would cost only $15 million.

During a briefing for reporters today, Torres said MARAD did not reject the Port’s plan. But they didn’t agree to allow the federal funds to be used to repair it either.

Torres said she will meet with GEDA this week to begin the process of issuing an RFP for a $15-million dollar loan to repair the wharf.

MARAD meanwhile will send a team to the island in may to discuss the results of additional studies they asked for on the condition of the wharf.