VIDEO: Presence of Box Jellyfish Prompts Parks & Rec to Close Tumon Beach Front From Hilton to Pacific Islands Club


Guam – Box Jellyfish have been in Guam’s waters for the past few days and today their presence prompted the closure of Ypao Beach in Tumon.

Lifeguard Joe Nauta says the decision to close the beach was made after a swimmer was stung three times this morning. The swimmer was treated by lifeguards and then observed to make sure they didn’t go into shock or have an allergic reaction.

Box Jellyfish come out during their spawning season, which is based on the moon phases.

According to Nauta this species jellyfish prefers to spawn in deeper water, and Ypao beach is the deepest part of Tumon Bay. He warns that they can also be seen in other parts of the island including Agana Bay.

Nauta says the Department of Parks and Recreation will re-open the beach when they get the all clear from the Department of Agriculture and find that jellyfish are no longer in the area.