VIDEO: Primary Precinct Officials Finally Get Paid, But GEC Still Short of Money to Pay for Election Costs


Guam- Primary Election precinct officials finally got paid Friday. But, the Guam Election Commission (GEC) says it still doesn’t have the money to pay all of their financial obligations.

GEC also released its final Contributions and Expenditures Report for all candidates that ran in the Primary Election. Everyone except Independent Candidate Jonathan Diaz submitted their required documents 10 days after the Primary Election.

Read The Final Contributions & Expenditure Report HERE

The report shows Dennis Rodriguez Jr. had the highest amount of contributions at nearly $95 thousand dollars. Brant McCreadie also had over $70 thousand, while Mike Limtiaco recorded $69 thousand in contributions.


In addition, the Democratic Party of Guam raised nearly $66 thousand while the Republican Party of Guam reported close to $45 thousand in contributions.