Video prompts action from GDOE

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Guam – A 12-minute video posted by Jonathan Diaz, a former 2014 gubernatorial candidate, prompted the Guam Department of Education to raise its security threat level on Thursday.

The video contained strong language and anger toward Guam leaders, the Office of Attorney General, and the Guam Education Board.

Diaz, a former employee of Okkodo High School, was terminated two years ago.

“I hate Guam, let me just make sure that this is broadcast live. I hate Guam and I want all the leaders to know especially the elected leaders to know how much I hate Guam because you allow me to hate Guam even more,” Diaz said.

“Is there anybody in this entire island of Guam know exactly how I feel?” Diaz said at one point.

“OK, Friday pay day huh! Pay day for you people and the AG doesn’t do s—. It is our last line of defense. The more you act that way, the more people are going to be scared. Well be scared because I don’t know what is it in the concept in your head. You people, GDOE, you lie! You people on the GEB, you lie! And everything is OK. Is everything OK? No!” Diaz said.

In the video, Diaz does not make it clear what brought on the outburst.

GDOE took measures in response to the video. Education superintendent Jon Fernandez said, “The GDOE headquarters and Okkodo High School were elevated to threat level medium this morning as a precautionary measure due to a potential threat stemming from a circulating video. The threat level increase took place at approximately 9 a.m. GDOE has informed all employees, and is working with GPD, the Mariana Regional Fusion Center, Guam Homeland Security to monitor the situation.”

During threat level medium, doors remain locked and school resource officers or staff monitor all entrances and exits.

PNC has received information that Christopher Anderson, GDOE student support services division administrator, filed a report against Diaz for terrorizing the department of via media. The report has been lodged at the Hagåtña Precinct.

Anderson reported that he received the video via WhatsApp. It was titled “Jonathan Diaz Rants About Hating Guam.” He told authorities that one of Diaz’s statements placed himself and the department in fear.

In the report, Anderson said that Diaz’s demeanor, mannerism, anger and his statements are interpreted to be harassing and threatening.

GPD spokesman Sgt. Paul Tapao confirmed that GPD is working closely with GDOE to monitor the threat.

Meanwhile Diaz took to Facebook this afternoon in a post entitled “I am on lock down in Tiyan, Toto, Barrigada.”

“If I go to jail, I want to make sure that people understand that I at least fight for the kids who have no voice. I fight for the education and those make-up days in school years 2015 2016 and 2017. They need that accountability,” Diaz said.

According to the report an APB was issued for Diaz. However an arrest has not been confirmed.

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