VIDEO: Prop 8 Judge Visits Guam for District Court Conference


Guam – The man who paved the way for upholding the legality of same-sex marriage in California was the keynote speaker today during the Annual District Court Conference at the Hilton Resort and Spa.

Retired Chief District Court of Northern California Judge Vaughn Walker also took part in a Q&A on topics such as the US Constitution, Privacy and his legendary decision on Proposition 8. At today’s conference, Judge Walker reiterated his stance on same-sex marriage, saying he believes in equal protection rights for all couples.

Walker served as the District Judge from 1989 to 2011 and presided over notable lawsuits such as the NSA’s warrantless surveillance, Apple Computer versus Microsoft Corporation and the TD Ameritrade breach. Walker talked about why he chose to retire from the bench.

“There were a number of things that I wanted to do that I could not really do if I were on the bench. One of them is I joined an organization called the law center to prevent gun violence which takes a position on litigation and on legislation and I thought that was not something that I could when I was on the bench,” he says.

Other guest speakers at today’s conference include Circuit Judge Paul Watford of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals and Claims Court Judge Francis Allegra from the Federal Claims Court in Washington DC.