VIDEO: Public Health Executes “Administrative Search Warrant” at Wise Owl Veterinary Clinic


Guam – The Wise Owl veterinarian clinic was shut down Wednesday afternoon as the Department of Public Health, under the direction of the Guam Attorney General’s Office, executed an Administrative Search Warrant.

The clinic was shut down and staff ordered out while the search warrant was executed. Guam Police assisted Public Health inspectors during the search. [Read the release from GPD below].

Public Health Director James Gillan told PNC News his inspectors acted under the direction of the Guam Attorney General.

Gillan said that the Wise Owl clinic does not have a valid “Controlled Substance Registration” and therefore the vet is not authorized to dispense the drugs. Gillan said Judge Vern Perez had issued an order prohibiting Wise Owl veterinarian Dr. Joel Joseph from dispensing the drugs. The drugs in question are used by veterinarians to care for pets.

He expalined that the warrant was issued after Public Health conducted an inspection of the facility last week and found that certain controlled or “Scheduled Substances” were on the premises.

However, Dr. Joseph’s son, Ben Schiff  told PNC News that the license in question is still the subject of court proceedings and will be heard this Friday. He called the search premature and unjustified. 


READ the release from Acting Guam GPD Officer Paul Tapao below:

5/08/2013, 4:10 p.m., Officers from the Guam Police Department assisted the Department of Public Health and Social Services as DPHSS conducted an “administrative inspection” and executed a warrant to the Wise Owl Animal Hospital, Tamuning.

The search warrant was for any control substance or records that were in violation with the Guam Control Substance Act 9GCA 67.502.