VIDEO: PUC Rejects 2% Decrease in Fuel Adjustment Charges; Virtually No Change in Power Bills Over Next 6 Months


Guam – The Public Utilities Commission [PUC] voted to approve only a fraction of the decrease in the fuel adjustment charge originally proposed by the Guam Power Authority, and that reduction will be followed by a slight increase.


Last December, GPA had proposed and the Consolidated Commission on Utilities [CCU] had approved a 2-per cent decrease in the so-called  LEAC.

But Monday night, the PUC ended up approving a cut for the next 2-months only. And that will amount to only a 25-cent reduction on the average monthly power bill.

Then in April, a 4-month increase in the LEAC will take effect. That increase will be about 9-more cents on the average monthly bill.

The result says CCU Chairman Simon Sanchez will be virtually no change in your power bill over the next 6 months.

The two-phase cost adjustment in the fuel surcharge took effect immediately.