VIDEO: “Come and Gone” – Acting DOI Deputy Secretary Sobeck Met With Governor Over Liberation Weekend


Guam – Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for Insular Areas Eileen Sobeck was on Guam over the liberation weekend.

She attended the liberation day parade and met with the Governor and Buildup Office Director Mark Calvo on Sunday morning.

During their meeting the Governor advised Sobeck that he recently sent a letter to her office asking for support of the bill he signed into law that dedicates two million dollars of compact impact funds annually to help pay off debts at the Guam Memorial Hospital.

Buildup Director Calvo says Sobeck indicated that she would support that policy.

The Governor also brought up the recent Government Accountability Office report that cited discrepancies with the reporting of compact impacts in places like Hawaii and Guam. The Governor noted that Guam has been following the guidelines for reporting given to the territory by the Department of Interior.

“So the Governor made the strong case to continue using the questionnaire that we’ve been providing but if there was gonna be a change or an update provided by DOI that we would be in the loop on determining what would be the appropriate data to submit what would was an appropriate questionnaire template,” said Sobeck.

Buildup Director Calvo also said that Sobeck arranged to have the Governor receive a briefing in early August on a study conducted by the army core of engineers to assess the public school building infrastructure on Guam.

Sobeck replaced Babauta last February.  Babauta, a Guam native,  resigned amidst an Interior IG probe into charges of travel and contract abuses,  a probe that still remains “open.”

CNMI Congressman Greg ‘Kilili’ Sablan recently urged new Interior Secretary Sally Jewell to name a permanent replacement for Babauta.