VIDEO: “Fully Functional Marijuana Grow Operation” Found in Police Officer’s Home; 3 Charged in Alleged Conspiracy to Sell It


Guam – Officer Roy Pablo, his common-law wife Ah-Rum Kim, and her brother-in-law Stephen Kim were all formally charged in Superior Court Tuesday afternoon on charges related to an alleged conspiracy to grow and sell marijuana and other drugs.

Officer Pablo, who was assigned to the Tumon-Tamuning Precinct, has been placed on administrative leave and GPD has launched an Internal Affairs investigation.

Among the charges Officer Pablo is facing are Conspiracy to Manufacture a Controlled Substance, Possession of More Than an Ounce of Marijuana, Child Abuse and other charges.

When police executed a search warrant at his Dededo home early Monday morning they found, what the Magistrate reports calls “a fully functional marijuana grow operation, with several marijuana plants three to six feet in height.”

READ the Magistrate complaint against Roy Pablo, Ah-Run Kim and Stephen Kim HERE

There were “grow lights, reflectors, a ventilation system, fertilizer and other equipment consistent with an on-going marijuana cultivation operation.”

After his arrest Officer Pablo told authorities “he had been smoking marijuana since high school” and the last time he got high was Sunday, about 4:30 pm “while reporting for duty to GPD.”

Pablo admitted cultivating the plants at his home, states the report, and admitted to smoking it in the presence of his children as well as admitting to being present when his common law wife, Ah-Rum Kim, sold the marijuana.

Assistant AG Jesse Nasis accused Officer Pablo of “abusing the public’s trust.” He asked for a $100-thousand dollar cash bail. Magistrate Judge Alberto Tolentino agreed.

Pablo’s common law wife Kim and her brother in law Stephen Kim also appeared before Judge Tolentino. Bail was set at $50-thousand dollars cash for each of them.

Ah-Rum Kim told investigators that the marijuana they found in the home was hers and that “she had conspired with her brother-in-law Stephen Kim” to grow it. She said her brother-in-law tended the plants and gave her the cuttings to process and sell.

Un-named informants led to the arrests and the charges against the three.

The investigation began just last month, on October 15th when, the Magistrate report says, an informant approached a GPD Officer and reported that a woman of Asian decent had conducted more than 30 drug transactions out of  her car in the parking lot of an un-named Dededo business. And the informant alleged that Kim’s common law husband Police Officer Pablo, was present during 4 or 5 of the sales and that she had smoked marijuana with the Police Officer.

Surveillance began, a controlled buy from Kim was made,  and the warrant was obtained and executed.

In addition to the marijuana, investigators also found 2 plastic containers with “psilocybin mushrooms”, which are a Schedule One Controlled substance. And they found several white pills identified as “DMT”, di-methyltryptamine, which is described as a “hallucinogenic street drug typically added to dry vegetable matter and smoked.”

Pablo’s three children  have been placed in the care of relatives.