VIDEO: “Healing Haiyan”, a Documentary by PNC’s Janela Carrera, Screened at UOG


Guam – A benefit screening was held Friday night at the UOG CLASS Lecture Hall for the locally produced documentary, Healing Haiyan: Mission Tacloban.

The documentary focuses on Guam Medical Association doctors and nurses who travel to the Tacloban, Philippines, for a medical mission to help those affected by Supertyphoon Haiyan or Yolanda.

The documentary was written and directed by PNC News Anchor Janela Carrera, who has announced that she will donate all proceeds to GMA for their 3rd and final mission to Tacloban next month.

GMA President Dr. Tom Shieh talks to us about this benefit screening.

“I think the documentary tonight is gonna be real good because Janela Carrera, you were there, seeing through your eyes and through Ray Carrera’s eyes. I think you got some footage that’s gonna be really interesting for people to actually watch,” he explains. “It’s a film that you don’t wanna miss. I think it’s rare that Guam’s got to go into an area where other media has gone into, CNN, international media has gone into and Guam had the opportunity to go right into the heart of the storm.”