VIDEO: “Inafa’ Maolek Restorative Justice Conference” WEDNESDAY to Focus on Work Place Conflict


Guam – For the first time in 6 years, the Inafa’ Maolek Conciliation center will be holding a conference on Mediation and Restorative Justice.

The conference will be held on Wednesday, March 12 from 8am to 4 pm at the Marriott Resort. Inafa’ Maolek Founder and President Emeritus Attorney Patrick Wolff says the non-profit organization is dedicated to finding peaceful resolutions between two parties in conflict. 

Reconciliation is typically sought before the situation escalates into violence, broken relationships or lawsuits. Wolff says they will focus on 2 themes at this week’s conference.

“At lunch time there’s a panel all about restorative justice with some excellent panelists and then in the afternoon there’s a panel on workplace conflict and how those can be mediated. Whether you work for a private company or a non profit or govenmnet agency we all experience conflicts and most of them we handle without any big to do, but sometimes they get a little out of hand,” he explains.

Registration is $25, which includes lunch. To pre-register or to learn more about the conference, you can call 475-1977.