VIDEO: “No” to Mayors Council, But “Yes” to Barrigada’s Request to Run Poker Games at Tiyan Casino During Village Fiesta


Guam – Governor Calvo may have said no to a request from Guma Mami and the Mayor’s Council for an extension of casino gambling at the Liberation Carnival, but he has said yes to the Village of  Barrigada which wants to use the Tiyan facility to stage gambling games like poker and black-jack during its village fiesta.

Barrigada, like many villages, are given permission by the Governor to run gambling games during their annual fiestas.

On Monday, the Governor approved the village’s request to use the Tiyan casino for games like “Texas Hold ’em”, “Pasoy”,  “Color Games”, “Poker”, “Beto Beto” and other games. The letter refers to them all as “games of chance.” And only the games listed in his authorization letter will be allowed.

READ the Governor’s approval letter HERE

Barrigada Vice-Mayor Jessie Bautista emphasizes the gambling is something they do every year to raise money for good causes that benefit village residents..

The gambling is permitted for 10 days, starting this Thursday, with a break next Monday and Tuesday. Followed by another 5 days of gambling at the casino until August 19th.

The gambling games will be permitted from 6pm until 6am the following morning. The Barrigada Fiesta honors the village’s patron saints San Roke  and  San Ramon.