VIDEO: “Our View” With John Anderson – “We Dodged Another One”


Guam – “Our View” is a weekly feature written by Jon Anderson representing the editorial opinion of the Pacific News Center.

                                                         OUR VIEW – “We Dodged Another Bullet”

It really did not matter how long Halong stayed around.  The storm mostly of tropical depression strength lacked any real punch.

As the center of it passed through the Rota Channel we got frequent reporTs on it’s strength and direction.  It soon became apparent the storm was not a typhoon. If it did earn that status it would do so after it passed the Mariana’s.

But that didn’t mean our concern was un- warranted.  In fact we need these reminders that we must always be prepared.  Twice last month we dealt with conditions of readiness. COR 1 was declared for both.

So how did we do, on the readiness scale?  We were impressed.  The Governor’s office circulated numerous informational releases, as did Civil Defense, the mayors and various departments of GovGuam.  The weather service also provided personnel for radio and television interviews. Utility crews worked swiftly to restore or protect vital power and water service.

At one point we had a string of emails –about nine– all containing the same information but from different senders. Wind speed, direction of movement of the storm and status of government shelters was frequently repeated.

Newstalk K57 radio and the journalists of the Pacific News center outdid themselves with comprehensive coverage of this storm.

Congratulations to all.  Halong is gone.  But we benefitted from our close brush with it-the next one will be handled better. And we were reminded that the  next I one–perhaps the BIG ONE–is coming.