VIDEO: “Pagat”, the Play, Opens at UOG Fine Arts Theatre


Guam – Tonight is the debut of a locally written and produced play about the village of Pagat.

The play is a revamp of a play written by Dr. Michael Lujan Bevacqua and Victoria Lola Leon Guerrero a couple of years ago after Pagat was named as a preferred site for a marine firing range complex.

Dr. Bevacqua says that the original play was more focused on songs and dances that were composed by Vince Reyes and performed by his Inentnon Gef Pa’go cultural dancers. Michelle Blas of UOG’s theatre program asked Bevacqua and Leon Guerrero if they could rewrite the play to focus more on dialogue rather than dance in order to have UOG theatre students perform it.

“So we created a story about a group of young Chamorus who end up in the jungles of Pagat late at night and they have a Taotaomona supernatural related experience and there’s clashes of identity. People question what is Chamoru? What is our culture? Does it hold us back? Does it inspire us and at the end of it there is an empowering message,” said Dr. Bevacqua.

 Blas is the director of this Pagat rewrite and she says that most of the performers in the play are UOG theatre majors and minors as well as some GCC students. Blas says that this version is a good rewrite of the original play that focuses more on the stories and characters involved in the story. “Please come and support this show. This is a wonderful thing. Bring your family but please be aware because sometimes the actors have some choice words that’s all I’m gonna say,” said Blas.

 The Pagat play begins at 7p.m. at the UOG Fine Arts theatre doors opened at 6:30pm. The same times apply tomorrow and Saturday as well as on May 1st through the 3rd. It’s $10 dollars for general admission $7.50 for students and seniors and free for all UOG and GCC students with a student I.D. or schedule. Tickets can be purchased at the box office.