VIDEO: “Payu-ta'” – UOG President Underwood Urges Non-Profits to Become Pro-Active in the Community


Guam – UOG President Dr. Robert Underwood spoke in front of nonprofit leaders this morning for Payu-ta’s 4th Annual Non-Profit Congress.

Dr. Underwood was the keynote speaker for the second day of the conference and talked about the benefits of advocacy and how our island’s non-profit organizations can grow by being more pro-active in the community. 

He said, “In order to sustain themselves and meet their individual goals to extend justice to the world in some form, they need to the Governor and the general public about their trustworthiness, reliability and efficacy. It is clear from this gathering and its proximity to the upcoming White House Initiative event, that we’re hoping to convince the feds, as a collective, about our needs and the general lack of attention that we get.”

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