VIDEO: Quiambao New Acting Principal at FBLG, As Masnayon Moves to SSHS


Guam – FB Leon Guerrero Middle School will be under the leadership of current Assistant Principal Keith Quiambao effective Monday according to DOE Superintendent Jon Fernandez.

Current FBLG Principal Carla Masnayon has been selected as the Acting Principal of Simon Sanchez High School, after former Principal Beth Perez was transferred to Untalan Middle School where she will be an Assistant Principal.

Simon Sanchez students rallied in Perez’s support on Tuesday after they learned she would be leaving the school. Superintendent Fernandez met with teachers and students earlier this week to explain his reasoning for changing the leadership at Sanchez.

“(There was a) little more emotional reaction from the students,” Fernandez told PNC. “I assured them that my interests were aligned with theirs that I wanna see an improved school I wanted to help them to get the resources they need to get a Simon Sanchez that was worthy of the students.”

Fernandez says he expects the transition at FBLG will go smoothly with Quiambao serving as the Acting Principal.

“They’ve got a strong team there that’s taken some to put together and gel,” Fernandez saidl “They’re in the middle of accreditation and I’ve asked Ms. Masnayon to continue to be involved there as the accreditation visits take place so its lucky that they’re neighboring schools and she has the luxury of being able to do that.”

Fernandez adds that he remains committed to improving the facilities at Simon Sanchez.  He says the awning replacement, air conditioning duct replacement, entrance door replacement and sprinkler system repairs are moving forward and are in the final stages of procurement.