VIDEO: “Whipa’s” Wake Destroys Dock “D” at Agat Marina, Highlighting the Need for Better Maintenance


Guam – Typhoon Whipa moved hundred of miles away from Guam over the weekend, but still brought heavy rains, strong winds, and hazardous surf to the island.

Waves pounding into the Agat Marina destroyed a section of dock D, as rotting wood broke apart.

“About 65 percent of that dock was damaged in the center portion,” Port Authority of Guam General Manager Joanne Brown told PNC. “Ultimately the assessment of that dock is its totally destroyed. We are not going to be able to do any repair work on that particular dock and we’re essentially going to have to rebuild it.”

According to PNC files the wooden docks were built in 1989. Brown says dock A is being replaced with an aluminum dock, and she believes the Port Board will choose the same material for docks B, C, and D.

The Port Authority was already planning to rebuild the docks, beginning with dock A, which was recently contracted for a half a million dollars. Now Brown says they’re faced with an urgency to replace the D dock. Tenants of the dock will have to be given alternative locations for mooring in the interim according to Brown.

Tenants of the Agat Marina were not happy with the service provided by the Port over the weekend as they relied on one another for help as debris from dock D slid into neighboring dock C.

“Over the weekend the boating community kept asking where’s the Port,” said tenant Happy Ron. “People from the Port did show up but they did not participate in pulling out any of the debris that was accumulating against the remaining docks and so that was pretty frustrating for the boating community.”

According to Ron, a tenant neighboring her boat saved it from being damaged by the debris which was being pushed by a heavy current toward her vessel.

“The sailboat that is moored next to us called the Faith pulled out a number of floating docks,” Ron told PNC. “We feel very fortunate that our good sam neighbor who we didn’t even know put extra lines on our boat for us.”

Better service is something that Brown says she’d like to see worked into future lease agreements but she says the current fees of $137 to $330 dollars a month for recreational boats aren’t enough to even maintain the facilities.

“We’re also going to be looking at the restructuring of how the lease agreements are done,” Brown said pointing out that utility expenses can be as high as $10,000 a month at the Marina. “At the same time we wanna ensure that there’s going to be better quality of service there as well and better equipped facilities.”

Ron says fees haven’t increased since she first starting mooring at the marina in 1998, and she would be willing to pay more provided that the fees went towards maintenance.

“I’m greatly concerned that this dock that we’re on is going to go” Ron said while standing next to her boat on dock C.