VIDEO: RaWR Plans Walkout Rally Next Week Friday


Guam- The Random Women’s Rally known as RaWR [pronounced “roar”] is planning an island wide walkout rally next week Friday to call attention to the groups efforts to combat violence against women.

At the Rotary CLub of Northern Guam meeting Wednesday, RaWR member Corina Fejerang said the group is asking people to walk out of their homes and offices at 4:30pm May 10th and stand on the side of a main road, together, to call attention to the need to stop the violence.

Fejerang said they will concentrate at the ITC intersection, but they hope island residents from north to south, will stand in solidarity with them.

She also says since Crown Bakery assault victim Monique Baza went public for the first time a couple days ago, RaWR has been flooded with emails and concerns about the injustices that occur when the government fails to protect victims of violence.

“2 o’clock this morning I also received information from a lady who was raped a long time ago and her perpetrator walks the streets today,” said Fejerang. “I get goosebumps every time I hear these stories. I have to speak to people at the times when I have times to talk to them about their story. The great thing that Monique did was she put a name behind the voice. She became the voice for many. And when people see the actual victim step up and say something, that encourages others to do the same thing.”

Fejerang says one of their goals is to understand what the flaws are in the government system so they find ways to make it better. For more information on the Random Women’s Rally, log on to their facebook page.