VIDEO: Reef Hotel’s Food Fest Celebrates Philippine Independence


Guam- The Guam Reef Hotel is hosting its 6th annual Food Festival to honor the 114th anniversary of Philippine Independence Day.

Promotions Manager Chito De Guzman says through the help of United Airlines, they brought back Executive Chef Henry Abellana and Chef Joe Napoles from Cebu’s Plantation Bay Resort and Spa. The guest chefs designed a menu of original dishes at the Alize Restaurant inspired from the over 7 thousand islands in the Philippines.

“I’m doing the desserts” said Abellana. “So some Filipinos might be familiar with the Leche Flan and a lot of stuff that they can have everyday. We’re serving different desserts and hot dishes everyday.”

De Guzman says the cuisine is a celebration of people, culture and entertainment and offers a taste of home for many in Guam’s Filipino community.

“Filipinos are one third of this population in Guam” said De Guzman. “So we would like to strengthen the ties between the Filipino community and the local community of Guam.”

The special menu is available until June 18. The Guam Reef Hotel and the Philippine Consulate General’s Office is also hosting a special flag raising ceremony next Tuesday, June 12 at the hotel’s front loop area. Everyone is invited to attend.