VIDEO: Resurfacing of Dangerous Curve in Ipan Will Take Over a Year


Guam – It’s gonna be a while before the dangerous stretch of Rt. 4 between Ipan public beach and Jeff”s Pirates Cove is resurfaced. In the meantime drivers are warned to travel with caution on this section of asphalt.

DPW Deputy Director Jay Rojas explains that a construction bid will go out next month to resurface the part of route four between the Togcha river and the Ipan Mobil gas station.

Because of the lengthy GovGuam procurement process the construction won’t begin until February of 2014 with the completion date in July or August of 2014.

This particular curve has been the site of numerous accidents one as recent as yesterday. The Talofofo mayor has asked if there was a way to temporarily fix the road with non-skid asphalt however Rojas says there is simply no money for this. “A temporary fix between now and February would actually be difficult for us to do financially.

The only thing we can do is actually just beg the public to be able to just use a lot of caution when driving around that road. We realize that it is very dangerous which is why it’s a high priority for us to be able to get it repaired but from now until February the only thing we can do is just stay conscious about what your doing and your defensive driving and put all those tactics in place,” said Rojas.

One of the dangers of this road is that the power poles are actually too close to the road as Rojas explains that there are in what is called the clear zone. In fact, Rojas says there is an agreement with the Guam Power Authority to move the poles.