VIDEO: Rev & Tax Licenses 81 More Gaming Machines From Different Company; Total in Operation Could Rise to 1,000


Guam – 81 more amusement devices have been registered and they don’t belong to Guam Music Inc. These machines are called Symbolix and they belong to Atlas Amusement. GMI was originally the only business that was able to license it’s amusement devices called liberty machines.

400 liberty machines have been licensed by Rev&Tax but the agency is ultimately expecting to license up to 592 liberty machines and they could license up to a total of 400 Symbolix machines for a total of nearly 1000 machines from two businesses. Meanwhile D&D games owner Darryl Styles has called this unfair because DRT won’t license his machines and he has a pending lawsuit to force Rev&Tax to allow him to license his Uncle Sam gaming machines.

“Well so far as of Friday August 2nd we have 481 amusement devices that were registered of that 481 four hundred are liberty machines the recent one that was registered Friday are Symbolix machines 81 of them,” said Rev&Tax director John Camacho. These Symbolix machines belong to a company called Atlas Amusement Enterprises Inc. Camacho says that they were registered prior to August 1st 2001. The recent gaming bill 19 that lapsed into law stated that amusement devices registered on or before August 1st 2001 could be re-licensed and taxed by GovGuam. “According to our records from ABC there’s roughly about 400 of those machines that were registered by Atlas Enterprise Amusement On or before August 1st 2001,” said Camacho.

Camacho says this means Rev&Tax could ultimately register up to nearly 1000 amusement devices. 592 from Guam Music Inc. and 400 from Atlas Amusement. Meanwhile, D&D games owner Darryl Styles has been unable to license his machines because they were licensed after August 1st 2001. He has called this unfair and even has a pending lawsuit to force Rev&Tax to license his machines which function much the same way that Liberty and Symbolix machines function.

 Atlas amusement is owned by Kok Seah Lau, Siew-Yin Lau, and Kuen-Min Lau. Their business however wasn’t incorporated until after August 1st 2001. In fact it was incorporated on May 13th of 2002. So how did they register their symbolix machines? “Well basically before incorporating Atlas the business was a sole proprietor the research from our business license supervisor as early as going back as early as 1991 Lau was a sole proprietor in that gaming business going back as far as 1991,” said Camacho.

 Every year amusement devices are supposed to be inspected and a compliance report is prepared. PNC asked to see the yearly compliance reports on the Symbolix machines from 2001 but we were denied. PNC was told to submit the request in writing via email.