VIDEO: Revised Port Master Plan Now in Hands of the Legislature


Guam – The Calvo Administration delivered the revised Port Master Plan to the Legislature Friday.

This revised plan reflects the changes that have occurred since the original master Plan was issued in 2007.

Since that time, what was to be a massive military buildup involving nearly 9-thousand marines moving to Guam has been scaled back to less than half that number.

READ the revised Port Master Plan HERE

Consequently what started out as a $200-million dollar plan has now been reduced to a $50-million dollar Port modernization program.

“At the end of the day”, said Port GM Joanne Brown, “what we actually have from DoD, that’s administered through MARAD, is a $50-million dollar modernization project.”

Brown called that funding still important because “its the most significant investment that’s actually been put in the Port since the facility was built by the Navy nearly 50 years ago.”

The revised plan will add substantial capacity to the Port’s ability to handle increase cargo loads, however, Brown notes that the plan only addresses “the organic growth needs” for the next 5 years. “After that I’m sure we will go back and re-evaluate if there is additional need to expand”.

Port Oversight Chair Senator Tom Ada said the revised Port Master Plan  “re-sets the Port’s focus based on a new set of facts and underlying premisses.”

Ada said that the Legislature has 60 days to review and approve or disapprove of the revised plan. If the Legislature does not act, then “the document will default to approval”, he said.   The deadline for taking action is April 22.

“Once the Master Plan is approved”  said the Senator, “then they have a document they can take to the Public Utilities Commission to be able to justify the 5 year rate plan to submit.”

Ada said that he will call a public hearing on the revised Port Master Plan and  he expects the Legislature will act on it during either the March or April Session.