VIDEO: Ritidian Landowners Opposed to Placement of Firing Range Complex at Northwest Field


Guam – There was a lot of testimony given during last night’s legislative hearing on the Draft SEIS for the Guam Military buildup held by Senator Frank Aguon Jr.’s committee.

There were comments on a wide range of issues and concerns. For example some UOG students were concerned that the average member of the public will have a hard time deciphering and interpreting the data in the DSEIS. However, the issue of most contention seemed to be the proposed live fire trainng range complex at the Northwest field that would restrict access to the Ritidian wildlife refuge below. Chamoru nation member Catherine Flores McCollum is an heir to some of the property at Ritidian or Litekyan in Chamoru.


“My heart is heavy today with the knowledge that the surrounding areas of detachment five will be used as a firing range. Owners of Urunao and possibly Jinapsan will be restricted from using their properties to their best use 36 weeks out of the year. This is totally ludicrous,” said McCollum.

“Our family strongly opposes the propossal of the marine corps live firing range complex at the northwest field we also oppose Congresswoman Bordallos recent bill HR 4402 the Military Training and Readiness Act of 2014 which would quote authorize the Secretary of the Navy to establish a Surface Danger Zone or SDZ over the Guam Wildlife Refuge or any portion thereof to support the operation of a live fire training range complex,” said Ritidian Heir Christopher Flores Bejado.

“Her action is irresponsible, it’s illegal, it’s illegal to stop short the process, the NEPA process. Uou have a national law that requires the SEIS and then she introduces this this is an illegal act by the Congresswoman and she needs to be called on it and it is time for her to step down because we can see by her actions she feels no accountability for the destruction and the damage that such military buildup will no doubt bring to our people,” said former Senator Hope Cristobal.

There were various other comments given in opposition to the the military buildup. Also some asked that the public comment period be extended to 90 days rather than the current 60 days in order to allow for more time for analysis and comments.