VIDEO: Rohr Supports Bill That Ensures Medical Care For Child That Survives Abortion, Says It’ll Plug Loophole in Local Law


Guam – Esperansa Project member, Tim Rohr. submitted written testimony Monday in support of Senator Frank Aguon’s Bill #195,  a measure that would require a doctor to provide medical care to a child who survives a failed abortion.

Rohr says the bill would ensure that any child who survives an abortion, is afforded all of the life-saving protections that any other person would be entitled to.

READ Rohr’s testimony in support of Bill #195 HERE

The actual public hearing on the measure took place last Thursday. And Rohr took issue with some of the testimony provided during that public hearing during which some said the bill is unnecessary, because federal law already protects children who survive abortions.

But Rohr disagrees saying it does not. And the legislation he maintains is necessary to plug the loop-hole.

The Esperansa Project is a Guam based group made up of local citizens whose self-declared aim is to promote the enactment of pro-life legislation.