VIDEO: Saipan Lawmakers OK Steeper Fines, But Drop Jail Time for Illegal Cockfights


Saipan – The Saipan and Northern Islands Legislative Delegation approved yesterday a local bill increasing up to $10,000 the fine for illegal cockfights, while removing the current three-month maximum prison term.

By a vote of 19-1, the Siapan Tribune reports that the delegation passed Rep. Christopher Leon Guerrero’s House Local Bill 18-21 with an amendment.



The bill amends the Saipan Cockfighting Act of 1994 to provide higher fines as an alternative to imprisonment for illegal cockfights.

Leon Guerrero said the current penalty fee of $600 is “low” and the maximum three-month imprisonment is costly and does not reflect the crime.

Rep. Richard Seman was the only one present who voted “no” to the bill. He said he supports legal cockfighting but illegal cockfighting should not be taken lightly and jail time should not be removed.