VIDEO: Saipan’s First Female Mayor, Marian Tudela, Sworn Into Office


Saipan – Marian Deleon Guerrero Tudela became the CNMI’s first female mayor after being sworn in yesterday as mayor of Saipan.

The 69-year-old was appointed by Gov. Eloy Inos to serve as mayor of the island for the remainder of the late Donald Flores’ unexpired term. Flores passed away from a massive stroke on June 2.

After being sworn in, Tudela said she will continue Flores’ programs and will retain all the staff at the Saipan Mayor’s Office.

Among the well-known programs of the late mayor are the dog control program and beautification campaigns like the planting of flowers and plants on the road medians of the islands’ main thoroughfares.

Tudela is also honored to be the first ever woman to occupy the position of mayor not only on Saipan but the entire history of the CNMI. Inos acknowledged that Tudela’s acension as Saipan’s chief executive is both “historic and very significant.”