VIDEO: Salary Increments Now Being Paid to GMH Employees


Guam – Good news for Guam Memorial Hospital employees. Salary increments are now being paid to eligible employees.

GMH CFO Alan Ulrich tells PNC that close to $90-thousand dollars was paid out Friday for the pay period ending on July 27th

Ulrich says the increments are in line with the Governor’s executive order that lifted the freeze on the salary increments.

Now that GMH has implemented increments for eligible employees, Ulrich says the next step is to work on paying employees who were due increments during the two years the freeze was in effect.

“So now the next step will be to look at the changes that have taken place for each employee from October 2011 to the present and then also what hours they have worked in a particular step, grade, position in order to calculate the retro pay that is due them per the executive order,” says Ulrich.

Ulrich says no timeframe has been set on how soon GMH employees can expect to receive their retro pay, but he notes that the hospital’s HR department is working as quickly as possible to determine who and how much is owed. 

READ Verga’s letter to employees below: