VIDEO: Salvation Army in Dire Need of Donations of Christmas Gifts for Needy Children


Guam – The salvation army is in dire need of gifts for the island’s less fortunate children.

Capt. Kelly Buckbee-Lutcher says their toy drive began in November around thanksgiving time but as of today they have only collected less than a hundred gifts.

They need four to five thousand toys and they need them by the 18th so that they can prepare them and wrap them for distribution on the 19th. Lutcher says this year has been slower than previous years but they still have faith in the community and good will of the citizens of Guam.


“Well it’s just it’s really important that we allow ourselves if we are able to give to give for our communities it brings the responsibility that we have for each other to a greater understanding and awareness and there are so many people out there that we’ve already been getting phone calls from people that want to be on waiting lists and we can’t guarantee anything but we’re really really pleading with the community to just come out and do what you can and just help this happen so we can accommodate those families,” said Lutcher.

She adds that there are about 100 more families signed up for this program this year than last year.