VIDEO: San Nicolas Wants Lt. Governor to Apologize for FAS Comments


Guam – Senator Mike San Nicolas says Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio is “dividing the community with inflammatory rhetoric”. The Senator says that anyone who is following the laws of Guam should be welcomed and not not made to feel unwelcome for collecting things like EITC or Earned Income Tax Credits.

He’s referring to comments made by Lt. Governor Tenorio to another media outlet about FAS migrants “gaming” the system and taking advantage of the tax dollars of other Guamanians.

The Lt. Governor referred specifically to an instance in which a couple of FAS migrants came into his office with EITC checks worth 8,000 and 9,000 dollars. Senator San Nicolas says the Lt. Governor was alluding to the fact that these FAS migrants didn’t deserve the EITC checks.

“When he talked about people getting certain tax refunds it doesn’t matter what your ethnicity is if you qualify for that under the laws of this island then you’re entitled to it. We shouldn’t be saying that one person should get it and somebody else shouldn’t because of their ethnic background. and we also shouldn’t be saying that people who don’t make a lot of money on this island don’t deserve to be under the same protection of the laws as every body else,” said Seantor San Nicolas adding, “I’m very dissapointed in the direction.

The wrong direction that the Lt. Governor is taking this island with that kind of messaging and I would encourage him to apologize to the community and set us on the right course because that’s what we need to be doing for Guam.”

PNC attempted to get a comment from the Lt. Governor however he declined.