VIDEO: Saturday’s “Suspicious Package” Turned Over to FBI; Friday’s Suspicious Package Held Items Returned by Former Employee


Guam – Guam Police Spokesman Officer A.J. Balajadia reports that the package recovered from a park pavilion in Sagan Linahyan early Sunday morning has been sent to the FBI for analysis.

In an emailed response this morning to PNC News, Officer Balajadia said the investigation of the incident is being conducted by both the FBI and GPD’s Criminal Investigations Division. And because the package is the subject of an on going investigation he could not provide details about it or say what was found in it.

20 to 30 families were temporarily evacuated from their homes across from the park following a 911 call made about 7:30pm Saturday. GHS/OCD Spokeswoman Alyssa Benito confirmed that the caller threatened to set off 3 bombs unless Ricky McIntosh is released from prison. McIntosh is one of the acquitted Bank of Guam robbery suspects who is being held on an unrelated robbery charge now.

GPD, FBI, a Navy EOD team and Guam Homeland Security all responded to the Saturday incident.

An EOD technician was seen suiting up in a bomb blast suit. Benito reports a K-9 Unit from the Airport Police was brought to the scene at 2:34am.  

The All Clear was not sounded until 3am Sunday.


Officer Balajadia also said the Saturday incident was not related to the Friday incident. The Ambyth building in Harmon was evacuated late Friday afternoon while authorities investigated what was said to be a “suspicious package”.

However Officer Balajadia says the package turned out to contain items that a former employee had returned to the company. Balajadia said because the employee did not want to see his former Supervisor, he left the package at the front door and left.

“Ambyth employees took precautions and contacted the police”, said Officer Balajadia.