VIDEO: Security Guard Testifies Against Campos in Sinajana Payless Robbery Trial


Guam – The trial of Anthony Campos continued today. Campos is accused of firing a gun during two separate robberies just days apart. He’s on trial for the Sinajana Payless robbery in which 5 employees were robbed at gun point as they left work.

The security officer who was among the victims took the stand today and told the jury that he feared for his life.Security Officer Rey Caseras says he couldn’t remember a lot of details about the assailants who held him and four others at gun point on October 1st.

“Not with a gun pointing at you,” he repeated several times as Defense Attorney Brian Kegerreis pressed him for details about what the men were wearing or how they appeared.

Attorney Kegerreis pointed out that Caseras’ job as a security guard was to remember such details. But Caseras says the only thing he could remember for sure was that two of the three men were pointing handguns at them.

Caseras says it was just after 1 am when he and four other Payless employees were closing up the store. From a distance they heard 3 gun shots, he recalls, then three men with shirts around their faces approached the three ladies and demanded their purses.

Caseras says he and another employee were standing about 12 feet away from the women while another suspect was pointing a gun at him and another employee.

He says he was so focused on the weapons that he remembered they were silver snub-nose revolvers.

When asked by Assistant Attorney General Jesse Nasis how he felt during the entire mugging, he said, “I was torn between wanting to do something to protect them and not wanting to do anything to provoke them to fire that gun again.”

The police officer who initially responded to the 911 call also took the stand today.

Again, Campos is only on trial for the Sinajana Payless robbery in which he faces three counts of second degree robbery.

He is also facing second degree robbery charges in the Route 8 mini mart robbery that happened just days later where he is also accused of firing a gun into the counter.

No injuries were reported in either of the cases.