VIDEO: Senator Aguon Says HR 4810 Will Allow Vets to Get the Medical Services “They’ve Earned”


Guam – Senator Frank Aguon Jr. supports H.R. 4810 or the veterans access to care act. The measure was passed Tuesday in Washington D.C.

The House resolution requires the Veterans Administration to cover the cost of a Veteran’s care at a non-VA hospital or clinic if that veteran can’t get the necessary care at a VA facility. 

The bill basically allows the VA to enter into contracts with non-VA facilities and hospitals. 

Since Guam has no VA hospital and only one overcrowded VA clinic the measure will allow veterans on Guam to use their VA benefits to get treatment elsewhere on Guam. 


“If you take a look at the provision it would allow non-veteran related facilities to be able to provide similar medical services and treatment to our veterans. Now with that flexibility incorporated into the entire system ultimately it’s about making sure that our veterans acquire the medical treatment and services that they’ve earned by virtue of serving in the military,” said Senator Aguon.

The bill which was introduced by the chairman of the house veterans affairs committee, Congressman Jeff Miller, has now moved onto the Senate.