VIDEO: Senator Barnes Concerned About Conditions at Guam Veterans Affairs Office


Guam – Senator Tina Muna Barnes has written a letter about what she refers to as “deplorable conditions” at the veterans affairs office in Piti.

The Senator has in fact written to veteran’s affairs Director John Unpingco noting that his office has received almost double what it received in the prior year appropriations. The Senator says these conditions were brought to her office’s attention by various veterans who have complained that nothing is being done about the conditions of the Veterans Affairs office.

The Senator says veterans have complained about a lack of running water in the toilets, a lack of air conditioning in the building and a lack of working telephones.

“It really bothered me to write this letter because of the lack of running water and the toilets and because of the sewage backup and then having the employees have to put water in garbage cans just so that they can be able to flush,” said Senator Barnes adding, “when veterans come to this office to share concerns about not being able to use the facility it can’t be taken lightly because you know as veterans they’ve done their time they’ve served our country for the freedoms that we have today and if we can’t even provide the basic things for them for a place where they could go to voice their veteran issues I have to be able to make sure that’s a priority and that be looked into.”

The Senator says she seriously doubts that the Governor of Guam has been made fully aware of the true state of conditions at the veteran’s affairs office.