VIDEO: Senator Cruz Says Port Tariff Increases Will Make Price of Goods Unaffordable; Senator Ada Says They’re Necessary


Guam – Utility costs aren’t the only things rising in the coming years, the Port Authority of Guam is also raising its tariffs and fees. Last night the Public Utilities Commission approved an across-the-board rate increase of 5.65 percent.

While that seems nominal, that’s on top of a per container fee that’s also set to go up by $475. This means the price of consumer goods will increase as well.

The rates will also increase every year if the PUC approves another petition the Port will make later this year for a five year rate plan.

Vice Speaker BJ Cruz, who’s been an outspoken critic of Port activities expressed his dismay with the decision. But Senator Tom Ada, who maintains legislative oversight on the Port, said he favors the increases, saying it’s justified to bring the aging Port up to standards. 

Regardless of their difference of opinions, one fact remains, as Senator Ada points out, the Port has not been upgraded in over 40 years.

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