VIDEO: Senator Pangelinan’s State Funeral to Be Held at Plaza De Espana


Guam – Senator Ben Pangelinan’s state funeral will be held this Wednesday at the Plaza De Espana instead of the legislature.

State funerals are typically held at the Guam legislature but this time around Speaker Judi Won Pat will first officially call session and convene session at the legislature’s session hall before moving to the Plaza De Espana for the actual state funeral. Speaker Won Pat explains that the state funeral was moved to the Plaza De Espana at the request of Senator Pangelinan’s family.

Won Pat says it will allow more people to attend the funeral without having to wear a coat and tie which is how the family says Pangelinan would’ve wanted it. 


“Speaker Ben has been a senator really always for the people. He’s a very informal individual. I know we would always have this discussion about having to wear a coat and tie in the session and this would be an opportunity then for all those that he has served to be able to come at least in a state function,” said Speaker Won Pat.

Vice-Speaker B.J. Cruz will be taking over the committees left behind by Senator Ben Pangelinan. Guam law provides that only vacancies in the legislature that occur at least 8 months prior to a general election require a special election.